Mystery & Thriller Promo This Weekend

99c mystery and thriller ebooks available January 13th & 14th.  Enjoy!

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New Books for 2018

I’m working on stories right now, but I wanted to share a sneak peek with all of you.

More Than A Little Magic

County Kilkenny, 1888

I could feel his strong hands on my arms.  They were rough against my skin and as they moved down towards my waist, I knew what was going to happen.  He would make me his, whether I wanted him or not.  It had been a long time since a man, any man, had dared lay hands on me.  And as he looked into my eyes, I knew there was nothing I could do to stop him…


Heart’s Desire

“If you’re looking for romance that will amaze and delight your senses, then follow me.” She looked up in surprise as he brushed against her arm. Then, the shooting started.


And of course, the next book in the Moonlight Series.

Moonlight, Roses & Madness

The sunlight played along the evergreen branches as the early morning beams filtered down to the forest floor.  Running along the path, the wolf remained mostly in shadow.  It moved quickly, jumping over fallen branches as it raced along the trail.

When the path took an abrupt left, the wolf paused, then trotted to the edge of the trees.  There was nothing, but water and evergreen-covered islands as far as the eye could see.  Taking a few more steps, the wolf came to the edge of the hill and looked down.  From there, the views of the house, the garden and the woman were quite clear.

The wolf watched the woman as she moved through the garden.  She was looking at the plants, not up at the hill.  As she turned towards the house, the wolf trotted slowly down the embankment.